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CA Final AFM Regular Lectures By CA. Abhishek Zaware - For Nov.24 / May 25
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CA Final Audit Regular Lectures By CA Rishabh Jain - For Nov. 24 / May 25
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Top Reviews

Kanika Bansal
Sir ur classes are amazing ... Especially revision lectures are savior. I wish u could teach us other subjects also so every subject will become that interesting!!
Amit Sharma
Sir your way of teaching is brilliant, no changes needed no suggestions only and only thank you sir ❤️
Rashi Jain
Amazing Books!! Had very limited time to study but I cleared it only because of the Books and The lectures given by YM Sir
Niraj Regmi
Yashvant Sir's classes helped me to grab an in-depth understanding of IDT Concepts. The revision lectures and the Summary Book were most helpful to revise the syllabus efficiently during exam leaves and secure an exemption in IDT. Thank you sir, and the entire team.
Roshni Suryanath Nag
Thank you so much Sir....Aapne ekdam Mahaul banake padhaya......Dil jeet liya Sirji.....thank you thank you thank you dil se❤️
Purushottam Agrawal
Sir u are shaandaar
Sanil G. Jail
MAHOLLLL.....Summary book helps me lot and due to youtube revision lecture last day ravision complete on time.
Nikhil Pavankumar Nagdev
Excellent Yashvant sir...a teacher who makes easy to learn provisions with full of energy.." ek dum mahol bana diya sir"✌😊
Subhash Singh Rajpurohit
Awesome Way of Teaching #Mahool #Shandaar #Jabardast Thanks u sir ji
Archita Maheshwari
Thank you for all the practical examples and conceptual clarity
Akshat Agarwal
It's been an great pleasure to study with yashwant sir ,the concept clearity and the summary book is just wow ,it covers every damn thing so nicely and you don't need to refer any other thing on the exam day , except that summery book . Thanks alot Yashwant sir !!
Rishi Luharuwalla
Revision Video of Yashvant Sir was very helpful before exam to remember the concept and also for clear understanding of the law
Darshan Panpaliya
Yashvant Sir way of teaching is awesome more than that study Material of Sir is too good easy to understand+ Summary Book ka toh mahool h boss
Nikita Jain
Thank you sir for all the guidance and support!! Your Ram baan book was the best thing. I completed all the small chapters from that book because of which i was able to revise and complete the entire course.
Pratik Kalani
Want to say thanks for providing such an energetic and concept covering revision lacture free of cost on YouTube. It's really helpful in achieving exemption in IDT even if student haven't taken any regular classes.
I have developed Interest in GST and I am going ahead in my career in GST only because of YM Sir. I am grateful for his teachings and the concepts are still inside my head and will never forget it. The entire team has always been available to solve doubts. Thank you very much and I hope YM sir keep succeeding like this.
Shruti Rajput
i took classes from diff teacher all wasted, the moment i started studing i was like all i was a big zero but i gave a try by attending your 2 days marathon i really feel that was i moment i loved gst n due to that i score this marks
Amrisha Sawant
Hello sir, I am regular batch student. So glad to share that I could clear my CA Final Group 2 in May 23. Thank you so much for all your lectures and also your revision lectures and constant motivation. Now it feels like Shandaar, Mahool, Jabardast, jab tak todenge nahi, tab tak chodenge nahi ❤️ You are the IDT Guru, no doubt🙌
Sfurti Sanghvi
To the Best Teacher Ever! Thank you for making a difference! There is one teacher who stays in our mind forever. Thank you for being that teacher! Conceptual Clarity -100% Efforts and Energy > 100% Thanks for the revision lectures and the motivational message after each lecture. Maaholl.... Jabardast...
Akhilesh Kumar Payal
Great gesture of Yashvant sir & team to appreciate and recognise the hard work and efforts of the students. Please continue with the same.
Aman jain
Ek dum maholl bana Diya sir ne...jordaar jhakas..
CA Yash Praveen Khatang
Sir IDT was very much easy with you Aapne mahool bana diya tha sir Due to some health issues after DT paper i could not study properly for IDT but bcoz of your small and exam oriented revision videos i could clear CA Final Grp 2 and finally i cleared it sir🙏🙏 Thank You Very Much Sir For Your Immense love and support. Love u alot sir❤️❤️
Pooja Ramchandani
Sir , your dedication and guidance have ignited a passion for learning within me. Your unwavering support has shown me the power of knowledge and impact of a caring mentor. Thankyou for being a source of inspiration and for helping me realize my potential. Mahool always!!
Dyuti Nag
Yashvant sir has been one of the few teachers I relied on till the end, whether it was for revision or that dose of motivation. From his material to the revision videos to his energy.. everything is just too good.. unmatchable.!! Thank you so much sir and the entire team.
Arvind Kumar Yadav
Cleared Group 2 with Yashwant Sir revision video & summary Book. Your summary is just awesome. unfortunately due to exemption in paper 6D my earlier 2 exemption in IDT of 69 & 65 was not able to claim. I scored exemption thrice in IDT in past 3 attempts. Your summary is sufficient to score exemption. Thank you Sir 🙏🏻 shandaar jabarjast Mahol🙌🏻
Pratik Ashok Bhutada
Best ever faculty for IDT.
Karthik Vishwanath
Summary book is a boon to students
Bhagyashri Kudar
Apart from the classes, youtube revision series is really helpful during my preparation. Thank you so much sir for being such an amazing mentor.
Siddhant Daga
Yashwant sir is amazing be it his way of teaching or his books He makes tough concepts easy which helps tremendously during last day and in exams Also the team is amazing they constantly check whether we have received books or if we are facing any problems Thank you so much
Bhavika Parasmal Jain
Thank you so much sir . This is only possible because of u ..maholl .. Mangal hai toh possible hai
Aniket Sharma
Sirf Summary Book se exemption
Mahesh Bhatt
It was great learning with yashvant sir . He is concept guru 🙌
Viola Reona Mendonca
IDT QB books were helpful. Specially MCQs at the end of every chapters. Thank You.
Astha dalal
My decision was right for taking classes from Yashwant sir. No regrets for IDT
Fatema Sadriwala
Amazing faculty for IDT without any doubt, revision lectures and Marathon video on YT had immensely helped during exams, Thank-you so much for all the efforts you and your team has put in delivering the best lectures and notes....also amendments notes shared with previous student was a great help.
Abhay Agrawal
Yashwant sir give indepth knowledge of subject to students while teaching which helps me not to clear but also to score exemption in IDT Thank you sir for all the revision lecture amendment lecture and doubt solving
Prabhat suresh Mhatre
Got exemtion from your fast track batch only, had 2 months for grp 2 only took classes for costing from march 01 then dt from 16th and started fasttrack on 1st april from your batch and got exemption in DT, IDT and Eco law but failed in 1 paper away from degree
Mohak Kariya
Perfect ho sarkaaaar